Why the fuss over David Beckham?


Why all the fuss about David Beckham?

I don't know about anyone else but I am bored of Beckham, and I have been for years. In particular the last few months have been particularly yawn-inducing. It was obvious Becks was going to the MLS – they did not choos to call it the Beckham Rule for nothing. But the least interesting bit has to be his getting dropped by Real Madrid.


Beckham is the most over-rated player of his generation, he was nowhere near the best player when he was at Man U and he is nowhere near the best player at Madrid. What he does have is a fantastic work ethic, in that respect he is one of the world's best. But when you are competing with the likes of Raul, Reyes, Gago, Guti, Emerson, Higuain and Robinho for a berth in midfield you need to be a lot more than just a grafter. Yes he has quality with dead ball situations, but his main quality is his crossing, yet he spends his entire match moving away from the right wing from where those crosses are most effective. Instead he moves into the centre where his main strength is completely useless and so becomes another average midfield player.


I do think it is a mistake in footballing terms for him to join the MLS. The Americans (the ones who will be attracted purely by the Beckham hype I mean) will go to games expecting to see a George Best or Diego Maradona type of player. Full of tricks, flicks and the ability to beat players with ease. Maybe the Galaxy should have targeted Robinho? He has those skills, and in the right environment can be a real crowd-pleaser. Oh and I doubt his wage demands would have been anything near the obscene wages that Becks is commanding.

Article written by Tris Burke