Simon Jordan seems intent on making enemies with everyone else in football

I wonder how upset Iain Dowie was to hear that Simon Jordan hates him? Jordan seems intent on making enemies with everyone else in football, makes you wonder how he ever managed to run a successful business.  Has he forgotten he might want to do business with these other clubs? All he has done by upsetting people is to ensure that Birmingham, Charlton and whichever club Dowie happens to be managing at the time will either refuse to do business with him or charge Palace a premium.


Is it really so difficult to keep your mouth shut? Only for Jordan it is seemingly impossible, in fact I am beginning to think he bought the club purely for the publicity and the chance to get the media spotlight. He reminds me of an X-Factor or Big Brother contestant, desperate for fame and ready to say or do anything for his moment in the spotlight.


The whole Dowie and Charlton thing should be forgotten by now, yes Dowie might well have been in the wrong, and yes he might well have lied to get out of the Crystal Palace manager's job, but with Simon Jordan as his boss can you blame him? If, as Jordan says, Dowie was hated by his boss, who can blame him for getting out? We all know how unbearable it can be working for someone that hates you, I, for one, would want to get out as quickly as possible. But what I fail to understand is Jordan's attitude, Dowie failed at Charlton why not just enjoy a gloat to himself? Why keep dredging things up and turning people's sympathy towards Dowie?


Article written by Tris Burke