20 Jul 2015 20:12:18
Derby are set to make their final offer for Burnley defender jason Shackell. Bid will be in the region of 3.5-4 million.

1.) 21 Jul 2015
21 Jul 2015 21:09:59
A lot of dosh for a player no longer in his youth. Looks like another backward step.

2.) 22 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 10:32:01
I'll be disappointed personally. Good money considering his age but shouldn't sell to a promotion rival.

3.) 22 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 13:42:31
I will be distraught with the sale if it goes through because he is our captain and at one point within the campaign last season 7th best in the world for defenders. We will lose a lot from this sale I don't think he should be sold but if he see's out his 1 year contract we would not get any money for hi when he leaves so big decisions. I say if he is to be sold bring in a player similar to him first and then make the sale

4.) 22 Jul 2015
22 Jul 2015 19:52:21
It's hard to decide what's best. If our season is going better than Derby there is every chance he could sign a new contract with us throughout next season. Everybody thought derby would walk it last season and they didn't.