15 Aug 2015 08:03:27
Lewis Dunk to Brighton is no where near being close to done as an improved offer is yet to be made. I can see Fulham panic buying a centre half in the end, maybe Tim Ream or James Tarkowski

1.) 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 08:53:34
Doesn't Dunk already play for Brighton?

2.) 15 Aug 2015
15 Aug 2015 18:09:22
Tim ream went to qpr and dunk plays for brightonπŸ‘πŸΌ

3.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 00:51:58
Ream will be announced Monday JoeAlbion
Dunk doesn't want to play for Brighton & made his feelings clear about being forced to sit on the bench after Rea's knock in training. He will join Fulham along with Ream

4.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 08:11:10
sorry about that was meant to write Fulham, don't know why I wrote Brighton

5.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 15:15:01
Pal spoke to Dunks bro in-law - Fulham & Newcastle both have had bids accepted for Dunk who has chosen Fulham as he wants to be close to friends & family after his wife recently having a baby.

6.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 18:09:55
At the game yesterday the word in the stands was Ream was having his medical that morning while everyone else was at the game. Deal seems to be done and will be announced tomorrow.

7.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 18:56:52
Sorry, i thought ream was going to qpr but no, fulham isn't exactly a step up for him though and hughton said he will definitely be in his plans for Tuesday

8.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 22:50:43
No bids have been made for Dunk - FACT

9.) 16 Aug 2015
16 Aug 2015 23:04:05
Fulham isn't a step up from Brighton? Think your 2 early wins have gone a bit to your head joeALBION. As far as wages go, the area and the footballing platform that Fulham can offer, they are still head and shoulders above Brighton. It's not a massive step up, but it still one worthy of a player like Dunk to take.

10.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 11:00:14
You seem to forget that we are in the SAME LEAGUE. Added to that we have some of the best training facilities in world football and we are recognised as a club in ascension, barring last seasons miserable campaign, and lately Fulham has been in decline. I'm sorry wearewhites, the only thing Fulham has over us is a more prestigious history, so if anything, Fulham would be a step to the side or even backwards for Dunk's career. If he's going to leave, he should only go to the premier league, not to a squad comparible to ours.

11.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 15:57:07
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜, our facilities have been used by Italy, Brazil, England, Ghana & recently Crystal Palace trained there who admitted that Motspur Park was an amazing training complex fit for a world class team. Think we win there treacle. 😘

12.) 17 Aug 2015
17 Aug 2015 18:17:17
Albion's training complex is among the best facilities in the country. But I think Dunk would take a lot more than just that into consideration when choosing another team. But I don't see why he would leave for a team with a not so promising future. He would be best off sticking with Brighton until next summer and maybe join a prem team then.

13.) 18 Aug 2015
18 Aug 2015 08:43:17
Yours maybe amongst the best in the country ours are some of the best in Europe even mourinho said it as did Ronaldinio.

Dunk will choose Fulham over Newcastle due to location & is leaving Brighton as he simply doesn't like Hughton.

14.) 18 Aug 2015
18 Aug 2015 13:31:06
Dunk knows if he'd been playing for the whites instead of Hutchinson it would've been Fulham 3-0 Brighton.

15.) 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 14:35:39
Latest on Tim Ream is it's being delayed because he needs to re-apply for his Visa when he changes employers.

16.) 19 Aug 2015
19 Aug 2015 22:28:35
It's just not a good career choice. He could do better than Fulham. He has a bright future ahead of him and good luck to him whatever happens but if he does leave, it should be to the prem.