28 Jan 2016 13:18:31
Just heard that McCormack has handed in a transfer request. The ball is now firmly in Boro's court!

1.) 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 17:41:00
Boro have bid a few times for him and the lad has put in a transfer request, if Fulham don't want to sell Boro will move on to either Rhodes or Bamford, Fulham are shooting them selves in the foot as this will probably be the only big bid in for him, If he doesn't move now there will be little interest in him after the season has passed especially from Boro as chances are they will be a premier league team then and be after bigger fish. He's not tried and tested in the Premier league and if Fulham stay down or are relegated with an unhappy player on big wages what are they to do I wonder. This is a case of bluff and double bluff.

2.) 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 14:03:08
Fulham won't sell him we need to move on and quick. If we don't sign someone who can score goals you can kiss goodbye to being a supposed premier league team next season. You can't rely on a right winger scoring enough goals to win you enough games to go up and since he WILL NOT play Stuani up top he now has to be classed as a winger even though he's clearly a striker! Luckily he had a bit of a spell scoring when we went unbeaten scoring important goals but look now his form has dropped we look absolutely futile in attack. There are proven strikers available who have dropped down the pecking order at prem clubs this January due to new arrivals go out and buy one them boro!