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02 Jul 2016 20:04:47
Guess where is Joachim Low is touching and smelling today?

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02 Jul 2016 11:42:26
Well done Wales, totally deserved win and congratulations on reaching semi final, I am Scottish but was so proud of Wales, great team performance, great management, great fans, I hope your team go all the way, you have belief in yourselves, your desire to win is unquestionable, Everyone in the UK should be willing you on.

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01 Jul 2016 21:59:43
Big up to Wales well done delighted for them. Ellis that is how its done 😂😂😂😂😂.

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02 Jul 2016 11:26:36
I am not a Welsh but an asian.
I was hoping at least any of the England, Wales, Ireland, North Ireland will win.
It is almost there and hope Wales will continue to give everyone the surprise and that if you dream long enough, regardless the time, it will one day materialise. Hopefully this is the year.
And I fully agree when someone said "this is for Gary Speed". It should be.

01 Jul 2016 21:15:51
Credit were credits due Chris Coleman has done some job with the Welsh. They are everything England aren't. Passionate and composed and playing with belief and no fear. Maybe the FA can take note and recruit a manager who has played top level football for both club and country.

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01 Jul 2016 22:18:28
As a Welshman I don't think anyone should underestimate or forget the person who started the team on this journey and is watching over the Boys.

01 Jul 2016 23:27:27
Nice sentiment aggerdo. Rip GS.

02 Jul 2016 09:48:48
Chris Coleman has done a great job with this group of players and a huge amount of credit goes to him, but let us not forget that continued the work started by Gary Speed. I don't know what sadness in his life caused Gary to go down the path that he did, I bet he has a big cheeky grin on his face right now. RIP Gary and get ready for the final after they beat Ronaldo's crew on Wednesday.

02 Jul 2016 17:40:14
Great comment Aggerdo and a great sentiment to a great man. RIP Gary Speed.

29 Jun 2016 04:14:20
Omg have you heard your self's on here, England had the best squad and was rubbish, on paper you should of won it! And bale is better than your whole squad haahhaa.

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01 Jul 2016 22:22:06
How incredible, I am English and can't be happier for Wales - what spirit, endeavor and guille. They have worked so hard for this and against odds tonight.
The Welsh must be so proud and dreaming, they could actually beat a non firing Portugal after that performance.
I sincerely wish Wales all the best and now my sad national team are out, I want Wales to do this.
Never thought I would do it, but I actually was pleased Iceland scored that second goal, my England team never showed up and wish I had a team like Wales and Iceland to support.
All the best for the semi! Wales, did you ever think you would hear that. The semi's! Insane and amazing.

29 Jun 2016 04:11:09
Sterling was in the wrong place so what who cares you where good possession wise but didn't know what to do with it, reminds me of peter Andre with Katy price hahahaa.

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29 Jun 2016 04:06:42
Pissed off everything always about England, no mention how well Iceland played, worsed England performance this that, what about how well Iceland defended or how they made it hard for England to brake them down. England this england that what about wales? Hahaha BALES!

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28 Jun 2016 07:58:08
Latest result and disaster proves what a incompetent and clueless manager RH was. If he was anyone he should have stepped down after embarrassing world cup. Managers of so called lesser footballing countries who done better had decency to resign. The gutless FA also should be ashamed as well for letting this happen. Guarenteed they will appoint Southgate whos footballing is as exciting as RH and another FA puppet.

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28 Jun 2016 15:13:41
Next coach should be someone from within PL who knows the style/ players and has the respect to shape a team. I'd say Bilic or Poch if either would take it.

28 Jun 2016 05:03:31
England looked lost out there, playing as 11 individuals.

Not too surprising when you consider Vardy and Sturridge were converted into wingers and we relied heavily on Rooney and Alli in midfield to create, and then also tried to play Sterling and Wiltshire at every opportunity (both in desperately poor form) . Only time we looked decent was with Llalana adding an injection of energy and creativity or when we played Vardy and Sturridge togethe upfront.

Easy to say in hindsight but what we needed was twin strikers to allow our most dangerous players to play in their natural positions, and then a true no.10 in behind (Rooney or Llalana) and gone with a solid experienced midfield pair from Hendo, Dier and Drinkwater.

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28 Jun 2016 05:46:23
Favourite quote of the day

"Roy Hodgson, only man with a coherent plan to leave Europe"

28 Jun 2016 00:26:51
As regards this england team it is plain to see why there are so many foreign players the england team with liniker and the the team with gazza were great and unlucky the present ones are over paid and think they are somebody no wonder managers go abroed for players.

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27 Jun 2016 23:11:53
Jesus Christ Southgate favourite for the England job, Bilic for me.

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27 Jun 2016 22:55:40
Ok so the England squad was the weakest I have ever seen at a tournament: poor CB's, midfielders and wingers. I didn't have great expectations for them and I don't think bringing Drinkwater or anyone else would have changed that. But the apathy on the pitch was a disgrace. No honour.

Surely the FA has to look at why England always play like a team of strangers, no common purpose, no drive or passion.

Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland, Iceland are all much weaker on paper but played so much better than us generally.

Why is that? It happens every time.

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28 Jun 2016 17:21:28
The fa are part of the problem, they are stuck in there ways, we need to change our mentality at grass roots level, smaller pitches for young players and more emphasis on ball skills not stamina, I disagree about drinkwater because at least he was a player in form and should have been picked, all the other home nations have a way of playing that suits them and they go with it, but are not afraid to change things if they don't, we were already talking about playing france before we played Iceland, which is always a dangerous thing to do, as for the next manager, I would put all the football pundits together and let them sort it out, as they seem to know exactly what's required, what the England team suffer from is arrogance, they talk, talk, talk, yet when it comes to the crunch, they fail every time, throw in the fact the word "world class" is bandied about like confetti and you can see exactly why we fail, the foreign managers no doubt tried to change our mentality and got no where and were ridiculed by the press, so basically we won the world cup in 66 and that's all folks as regards to us winning trophies, I cannot sadly see us changing our ways any time soon, not when we have the tried and tested book of excuses to fall back on, why was anybody surprised we failed under roy hodgson? good luck to the welsh for the rest of the tournament, and well played to both sets of irish teams and there supporters.

27 Jun 2016 22:32:59
I can't think of one player in either Irish teams that would get into the England squad let alone our team. England have played well we just haven't finished our chances, Wales were well and truly beaten by us all they did was defend they were well outplayed. England would thrash either Irish team, absolutely destroy them.

Another Ellis Dee cracker. As i have said, What a Plonker!

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27 Jun 2016 22:46:22
I'm a scot but a do enjoy whn a englishman makes a total backside of their self about football lol.

27 Jun 2016 23:47:07
The fact is we did not show up again in a tournament, another great qualifying and completely get overwhelmed when it counts. Selection concerns and a lack of creativity when a game is tough, with a zonal sloppy defence we have still not reached the potential of the players on the pitch. We have a great squad of players to chose from, but they lose their heads.
Iceland deserved it, they defended so well and worked as a team. We can learn a lot from them, N Ireland, Ireland and Wales.
Haggis, I am sure you are relishing our exit but have a fair point mate.

27 Jun 2016 22:32:57
One thing about hodgson going is hopefully his man crush on wilshite. Its embarrassing to see him brought on all the time and offer absolute nothing.

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27 Jun 2016 21:58:23
Well if the FA actually sack Roy this time (hopefully), who do you want to take charge of England? Personally I think Klinsmann would be a solid choice. Has international management experience and has done pretty well with the USA, taking them to the copa Semi recently and the quarters in the world cup.

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27 Jun 2016 22:18:21
I, m not sure that whoever they choose to replace him will make much difference .
At the end of the say it's down to the players and England players as individuals are over rated and under performing as international players. That won't change until there is some restrictions on the amount of overseas players in our leagues.

27 Jun 2016 22:19:18
I personally don't think it's the manager. Many have tried many have failed. England just aren't as good as they think the are. Period. The whole world sees it but the media don't.

27 Jun 2016 23:49:45
Hiddink and shame some of the top options have all signed for teams - Ancelotti would be a great manager.
I say get Eddie Howe, to hell with it. Young and likes an entertaining game, also can make cheap players play well.

{Ed003's Note - My choice would be Sean Dyche.}

28 Jun 2016 05:59:17
The players did let us down, but Roy Hodgson is an incompetent fool who was never good enough for the job (well better than McLaren though) . He once compared his trophy record (all won outside of England and most in Scandanavia) to Alex Fergusons.


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